Social Media 101 for Community Groups

Social Media 101 for Community Groups

On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 Synergy Alberta and Land Stewardship Centre partnered to deliver a webinar- Social Media 101 for Community Groups.
Participants learned from a variety of experts in social media management about tips, tricks and lessons learned in the world of social media and how it can be used by synergy and other community groups.
Our thanks and appreciation to Alexandra Frederickson (Land Stewardship Centre), Kelsie Norton (Land Stewardship Centre), Adam Payzant (CP Energy Solutions Inc.), Paul McLauchlin (Environmental Leadership Matters), and Paula Hall (Magenta Communications Inc.), for their great presentations and an informative workshop!

View the presentations On ZOOM

Download Powerpoint and PDF files from the presentation below:

Synergy Alberta – Social Media 101 – Our Experience Insights and Tips

CPE Solutions – Social Media Strategy for Community Groups

Land Stewardship Centre – Tips and Tricks from the top 3 Social Media Platforms

Enviornmental Leadership Matters – Managing Harassment and Negativity on Social Media