Pembina Area Synergy (PAS)

Pembina Area Synergy (PAS)

About Us

Established in 2010, the Pembina Area Synergy group (PAS) has evolved into a successful local multi-stakeholder synergy group for the Drayton Valley / Pembina area. The group is comprised of local oil & gas companies, industry service providers, the Alberta Energy Regulator, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Brazeau County, the Town of Drayton Valley, Alberta Health Services, community members and landowners, and other local agencies and organizations.

Regular PAS meetings include local industry activity updates provided by participating companies and often include informative discussions on industry development related topics. As local and provincial government agencies regularly participate along with representatives from the County and the Town, discussions and information sharing tends to be very pertinent to local issues.

PAS regularly hosts speakers to provide information on relevant community topics and issues for landowners, community residents, and oil & gas representatives in attendance at the meetings. Meetings are open to the public.

Attending these meetings is a great opportunity for community members, industry members, and agencies alike to learn more about what is happening in the area and ask any questions they may have related to industry activities, issues, or practices, both local and general. It is also a great way to share information on local projects and initiatives.

PAS meets on the fourth Thursday of every other month January through November (except for July) to provide a forum for participants to discuss concerns, ask questions and provide information.


Providing an opportunity for the public and petroleum industry in the Pembina area to engage in meaningful discussions in an open and honest environment; to collaboratively work together to gain knowledge, understanding, influence and input on natural resource development


A forum for education, awareness and influence for Landowners and Industry.

Key Directives

  • Honesty ~ the human quality of communicating and acting truthfully related to truth as a value. This includes listening, and any action in the human repertoire – as well as speaking.
  • Integrity ~ a consistency of actions, values, methods, measures and principles. Inclusiveness ~ to not exclude anyone from involvement or having a voice.
  • Respectful ~ the acknowledgement that someone or something has value; the showing of thoughtfulness and consideration; to refrain from intruding upon or interfering with a person’s right to an opinion or belief.
  • Sharing ~ providing information and ideas in a manner that allows everyone to understand perspectives and provide insight.

Group Objectives

  • Ensure that the Drayton-Tomahawk community and surrounding area receive timely, relevant and appropriate information on both on-going and future petroleum industry operations and other development in the area.
  • Participation by promoting public, government and industry involvement in PAS
  • Provide participants the opportunity to participate constructively, meaningfully and openly in discussions and decision-making on concerns and issues that affect the community
  • Work collaboratively to identify and address community issues, concerns and opportunities and implement activities that will enhance the quality of life in the community
  • Create awareness of the potential impacts and risks of industrial operations and provide the community with an understanding of industry’s capabilities to protect both the community and the environment
  • Communicate with the broader community in regards to the mission and activities of this group
  • Contribute to the development of positive long-term relationships amongst the community, government and local industry
  • To teach, to learn, to inform.


  • Provides a mechanism for identifying and sharing problems and working on solutions
  • Builds relationships and fosters understanding
  • Provides opportunities to share industry, government and community information and activities
  • Offers a communication and awareness forum
  • Creates a process to jointly explore better practices and new technologies

Geographic Area

  • PAS boundaries are not set in stone and anyone interested in participating who lives beyond the borders is still welcome and encouraged to participate in the group.
  • PAS uses the Pembina Area Operators Group (PAOG) Mutual aid area: Buck Lake up to Wabamun; Parkland County up to Yellowhead County
  • (Uses POAG boundaries in the West, South and East and extends to Hwy 16 in the North).


PAS is a multi-stakeholder group with participants from a wide variety of organizations and backgrounds.

  • Community members and landowners
  • Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)
  • Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Alberta Health Services (AHS)
  • Town of Drayton Valley
  • Brazeau County
  • Industry participants
  • Local Businesses and Organizations


  • The group’s activities and business are conducted through the use of a paid facilitator, with the assistance of an Organizing Committee when needed.
  • Ad hoc committees may be struck from time to time to assist in a project or activity.
  • Group decisions are made by consensus, except in the case of setting budget. Budget is set annually at a regular meeting and confirmed by a majority vote of the members.
  • PAS maintains a membership in Synergy Alberta.


PAS activities are financially supported by participating oil and gas companies. Expenses include facilitator/administrator (organizing and facilitating meetings and events, mileage, other costs such as copying), refreshments, advertising and possible meeting location rentals.

Member Companies for 2020

  • Baytex
  • Cenovus
  • Keyera
  • Pembina Pipeline
  • Secure
  • Sinopec
  • Obsidian


Rick Anderson
Phone: 403-847-8086

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  • Meetings are currently cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions

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