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2019 Synergy Alberta Conference

The 2019 Synergy Alberta Conference has been set for November 4th & 5th and will be held at t he Pomeroy Inn & Suites at Olds College. We are looking forward to another two days of information sharing, learning, networking, renewing old acquaintances and making new ones. Stay tuned for conference details as the planning unfolds...

Land Owners Guide

The Landowners' Guide to Land Agreements has officially been launched and is available online.

This booklet was created with input from the Land Matters Group’s Subcommittee on Landowner Guidance (Subcommittee). The Subcommittee was officially struck in January 2016 and included landowners, community and industry representatives. They provided direction for this document, as well as recommendations for future resources for landowners.

Farmers Advocate

Synergy Alberta Guidebook

The Synergy Alberta Guidebook is now available here


Alberta Energy Regulator Annual Report has now been released. Click here for more information.

  Property Rights Task Force




CSUG Brochures

Understanding Natural Gas from Coal in Alberta

Understanding Shale Gas in Canada

Understanding Hydraulic Fracturing



All sectors need the best possible geospatial information and services, and you can now access more than 140 layers of free land-related data and services through the GeoDiscover Alberta portal.