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Alberta Energy Regulator
National Energy Board
Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resources
Synergy Alberta
Farmers' Advocate Office
Property Rights Advocate PropertyRights
Surface Rights Board
Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Petroleum Services Association of Canada

The Alberta Energy Regulator has a series of publications called EnerFAQs to provide landowners information on various topics:

What is the AER?
Having Your Say at an AER Hearing
Inspections and Enforcement of Energy Developments in Alberta
All About Critical Sour Wells
Explaining AER Setbacks
Flaring and Incineration
Proposed Oil and Gas Development: A Landowner's Guide
The AER and You: Agreements, Commitments, and Conditions
All About Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Oil Sands
Expressing Your Concerns - How to File a Statement of Concern About an Energy Resource Project

All of the EnerFAQs can be accessed at: