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Indus Community / Petroleum Industry Association (“IC/PIA”)

IC/PIA was formed after it was noted by the Energy and Utilities Board that there was a greater need, amongst the residents, for information on the development of Sour Gas. After a three-week long technical hearing the Board's decision 2000-7 encouraged all stakeholder to develop better communications. Four months passed and in late Nov 2000, all stakeholders were invited to come to the table to address inefficiency that had become very apparent to everyone, thus the inception of IC/PIA.

With the development of this group huge challenges were put forward as our group is based on the idea that everyone has the rights to their own beliefs. We do not subscribe to " buying into" a project but do believe that no matter how are beliefs differ we need to look for and create solutions that are acceptable for the majority of stakeholder.

Another challenge was caused by the previous lack of communication, knowledge and interaction between all stakeholders. Even with the communication alley being open to all, time had already played a role in the trust issue which later lead resident members of this group into the longest hearing in the EUB history. 

Our first accomplishment was the enforcement of a " No Flare" zone the largest in the province of Alberta. This was a huge advancement for the group as over a long period of time the residents had grown to fear the flares especially those of the sour gas.

We went on to join EnCana in altering their operational practices to better suit the needs of the community. These changes were adopted by EnCana and put into practice in the larger area called The Chinook Business Zone, a zone far larger than that of our group.

With the need for better ways to understand the type of developments happening in the area, a mapping system was implemented. This system has equipped the members with the knowledge of the location of all wells in IC/PIA boundaries the type of well, sweet or sour, their content if applicable, and the complete infrastructure of pipelines buried beneath the area. It also allows all stakeholders to keep track of these developments and work towards smaller footprints on our lands that reflects in more responsible resource development.

An accomplishment that is held in high regard is the fact that even after a long and strongly contested hearing and the constant showing of differing views at every meeting by all our members, industry, regulatory and residents, we are still at the table trying to come to consensus on these issue. The bottom line is that no matter what our beliefs are we must find a way to allow others their beliefs.

With the mandate given by the legislature there is the belief that residents+ industry + regulatory board = SOLUTION

Future Goals
Our desire is to make this group more sustainable even after oil and gas by encouraging, developing and implementing an area development plan that will encompass all walks of life.

Our Vision:
To be known for fostering a positive relationship amongst all stakeholders with open and honest dialog and information exchange while exploring for new ways to develop and produce resources in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

Our Mission:
To collaboratively work together to gain knowledge, understanding and input on natural resource development with the final solution being Consensus.

Group Meetings

IC/PIA meetings are open to all stakeholders. Our meetings are scheduled for the last Tuesday of every month excluding December and are held at the Indus Arena.

At the present time we have Compton Petroleum and EnCana involved as they have the majority of leases in the area and are presently the ones doing the developments. Mazeppa Processing Partnership is also one of the stakeholders involved as they operate the processing of the gas. They also develop and implement the Emergency Response Plan on behalf of Compton.

Any member bringing forward issues that need to be dealt with in a manner where “Public Interest” needs to be addressed is responsible for the group funding.

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